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AAPG Trisakti Student Chapter 2014-2015 Period

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"Geology Trisakti Student Chapter of American Association of Petroleum Geologists"

Marhaban ya Ramadhan 

May This Ramadhan be a month full of forgiveness. Hope all your prayers be answered and god always be with you in all the things you do 

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Mining, Oil & Gas Week 2015 at Kuala Lumpur, hosted by University of Malaya.has come to a fruitful end. AAPG Trisakti SC takes home a couple of prizes which are:

1st in Mini Oil Rig Competition

2nd in Poster Competition

The twelve of them have equally contributed tremendeous effort into these competitions. Helping and supporting

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May 20, 2015





On  12 May 2015 at 12.50 pm local time, a major earthquake occured in Nepal causing a horrendous destruction across the country. Triggered by this event, GTSC of AAPG had decided to take their part by hosting a class to discuss the facts behind

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Guest Lecture: Han Van Gorsel



On a Wednesday afternoon of May 20th 2015, M. Anugerah Lukytha (President of AAPG GTSC) was called into the office of Dr. Ir. Dewi Syafitri (Head of Geological Department, Trisakti) to be informed of the arrival of a well-known micropaleontologist all the way from Houston, Texas. His

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Yesterday, our friends over at SPE Trisakti Student Chapter held an event "2016 President Visit" 
They invited us over to meet the SPE President, Dr. Nathan Meehan. The event went smooth sailing and we were excited to see how well-emblazoned the auditorium was.

We are grateful to be invited by SPE Trisakti

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