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Gravitas Software Training
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May 28th, 2013

The event started at 10.50 with an opening remark by Dr. M. Burhannudinur, M.Sc as the faculty advisor of GTSC - AAPG, and continued with the introduction by Mr. Wendy Kuntjoro as the Business Development Manager from HRHGeology about the value of Gravitas, a Geologic software which became the topic of this event.

In the beginning, Mr. Wendy Kuntjoro explained that Gravitas made by HRHGeology, a geological company headquartered in Aberdeen, UK  that provide a total integration for operational geology by providing geologist, software, bureau services, and geological training. By established the Gravitas software, HRHGeology provides solutions in the operational geology space that bridges the gap between drilling and asset geosciences. He also explained the vantage of Gravitas beside the interaction ability, that Gravitas has six different operational geology software suites. WINLOG as the most complete  logging software.  EZ-CORRELATE as a correlation software that may has the ability to store and transfer data. WINCORE a software for descripting. REPGEN a reporter software that record reports automatically. WINDOT a software that can connect Gravitas to other software, such as Petrel software. And WINDART  is a real-time software in example for mud logging in drilling unit. He also included that Gravitas software can ease Well site Geologist to focuses on their work in descripting job.

After the explanation by Mr. Wendy Kuntjoro then continued with the explanation by Mr. Danny Situmorang as the Support Geologist from HRHGeology. His was talk about the further explanation of the vantage of operational geology software suites in Gravitas. He also explained that Gravitas has data control inside, and also modules for easy operating. This software is also focused on the operation geology to make the most efficient operation cost. WINDART software has an ability to show all the data that has been collected to the same screen to predict the next step or making the fastest decision. This session ended at 12.25 WIB and continued with break and lunch until 13.25 WIB.

After break and lunch, the second session began, which is the software practical session. The participants were divided into three groups to run the program. The software practical session instructed by Mr. Danny Situmorang started by running the open well program, and after break about 10 minutes for coffee break, the participants continued to practice the software until finished, they were practicing creating an update file. Before Mr. Danny Situmorang finished his talk, he was also appended a website that provides job vacancies for geologists (

Course was ended at 16.55 with a closing speech from Dr. M. Burhannudinur, M.Sc and Ir. M. Ali Jambak, MT and exchanged mementos followed by photo session.

And also we would like to thank you to Mr. Ali Jambak as the Head of Geological Engineering Department and Mr. M. Burhannudinnur as the Faculty Advisor of GTSC - AAPG as well as the Head of Geophysical Laboratory by given us the opportunity to be the first  to use the new upgraded Geophysical Laboratory.

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