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To write and publish a scientific paper is somehow rarely done by students these day. While, there are many paper contest/competition being held recently by various institution or companies. Because of that concerns, we believe that a course relating to writing a paper is urgently needed.
PAPER AND PRESENTATION CLASS is a course generates by a cooperative relationship between AAPG Trisakti SC, HMTG Trisakti, and Trisakti Geological Engineering Department. The main purpose for this course are so that students will aknowledge basic steps of how to write a good paper and later able to participated on paper contests held by other universities or companies.

Pre-event Planning:
Since this is a co-joint event between AAPG Trisakti SC, HMTG Trisakti, and Trisakti Geological Engineering Department so that committee whom participated in this event are also from both AAPG Trisakti SC members and HMTG trisakti members. the selected names and their respective roles  for this event are as follows:

1.    Project Officer (PO): Sekargalih R. Rakayantias
2.    Vice Project Officer : Muhammad Irwin H.
3.    Secretary: Anggita Tri Utami
4.    Public Relations: Ni Made Dwi Kartika P. & Fitra Perdana
5.    Treasurer: Feby Ramadhanty.
6.    Logistic: Tri Setyarini & Dionisius A.K.
7.    Documenter: Putri Pertiwi.

This course was scheduled to have six meetings from May 7th , may 13th, may 21st, may 28th, June 4th  until June 11th at second floor classroom and Will last two hours from 4 to 6 pm.
All c all teaching materials was given by Dr. Fajar Hendrasto, Ir. Dip.Geoth.Tech, MT.Participants has been constrained for only 24 people divided into 8 groups which consist of 3 people each group.
    Each week there are different materials given by lecturer. The teaching materials given on a weekly basis is as follows: Paper Class Introduction, Paper Outline Preparation, Paper Content Part I, Paper content part II, Paper Evaluation and Paper Presentation Preparation, and Paper Presentation.
The first meeting, course was opened with welcoming speech by Muhammad Anugrah Lukytha (GTSC of AAPG representative), Lalu Elmo Nauval (HMTG trisakti representative), and Sekargalih (Project Officer). Unfortunately, Due to an important meetings, representatives of the Geological Engineering department unable to attend. After that in no time, the course was started with an introduction about writing a scientific paper.
From week after week, unfortunately fewer participants attend the course because it is understandable that making a proper paper is not an instant thing to do and requires great effort, time and also a strong will.
But, on the last meeting that was held on Thursday, June 11th 2015. There are 2 groups who keep present from week to week and succeed to make a Paper. They are:
•    Group 1 (Harzard Fahdio Syahranu & Rahadian Muhammad A.) with a paper titled “Penentuan Cadangan Hidrokarbon dengan Menggunakan Analisis Petrofisika”
•    Group 2 (Windo Berlianti & Ludwina Jesslyn Rachel) with a paper  titled “Potensi Black Smoker di Kepulauan Sangihe Talaud, Sulawesi”

These last meetings was opened with a few words from Dr. Fajar, and right after that a paper presentation from Group 1 and follows by Group 2.

Question and Answer Session:
There are 1 question given to group 1 and 3 questions given to group 2.
Question for group 1:
•    What is your main purpose for choosing this theme? (Stefanie Claudia)
    We’re interested to this topic. Because we want to increase Hydrocarbon production in Indonesia with this new methods.

Questions for group 2:
•  Pembentukan Black Smoker? (Sekargalih)
It is basically a Hydrothermal vents that occurs under the sea. Its black color came from high lever sulfide minerals.

•  Are you planning on make a poster from this paper? (Dr. Fajar Hendrasto)
Yes we would like to make a poster if we have opportunities to do so.

•  What is Chimney Looks like? ( M. Anugrah Lukytha)
Chimney is most likely looks like a cylindrical pillar with various sizes, which occur because of a contact between magma that coming through the sea floor and sea water.

    After the sessions are done, a certificate was given to every presenter by Dr. Fajar Hendrasto. And a Placard was given to Dr Fajar Hendrasto by Sekargalih as Project Officer.

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