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3rd ANNUAL GSLDT (3rd Annual Geosciences Student Leadership Development Training)
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November 29th, 2013 - December 1st, 2013

The first session of American Association of Petroleum Geologists Trisakti University, University of Indonesia, Padjadjaran University, and Pakuan University Student Chapter Geoscience Student Leadership Program Training was given by Mr. Dwandari Ralanarko with the tittle “ Nothing Wrong to be A Yes Man “ . He began with explanation about Three parts of leadership in our life that were Pre Campus Life, Campus life, and Post Campus Life. He said that was a cycle we couldn’t avoid. So we have to be ready. On the way being a Yes Man we need creativity. Because a Yes man without creativity is nothing. Creativity is priceless. Creativity comes from anywhere at anytime. But, creativity or idea has an expiration date. So, we have to convey our idea as quickly as possible. The second session was given by Mr. Burhannudinnur which explained about how to become a young professional geologist or geophysics. At the beginning, he explained about the step in oil and gas industry. There are four steps in oil and gas industry, that are exploration phase, development phase, production phase, and final production phase. He also said to become a professional we need to think positively, disciplined, effectively, efficiently, etc. It was our decision who are we become in the future, become jobless, job hunter, or job creator. The third session was given by Mr. Agus Guntoro which explained about Unconventional Energy for Future Indonesian Need Toward National Energy Security. Unconventional is gas that contained in source rock that also act as reservoir rock. That unconventional energy is shale gas. He mentioned that gas development will increase in the future. Indonesia has a lot of shale gas reserves exceed other countries. But, there are an awkwardness in Indonesia Government so Indonesia still didn’t explore the shale gas. He said as an Indonesian next generation we couldn’t avoid this potential energy. Don’t make this energy as an alternative but make it as a replacement energy. There was a quote that he always said in seminar, “Action Speaks Louder than Words” that was so inspiring us. The last session was given by Mr. Kris Hendardjo which explained about Exploring The Black Gold. He began with explanation about exploration phase which also called as survey phase. That phase are geologic survey and geophysics survey. By the result of the survey, we can determine the location of drilling. Geologic survey consists of geological mapping and remote sensing. Whereas geophysics survey consist of magnetic survey, gravity survey, and seismic survey.

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