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Activity Summary of 8th Annual SEAPEX Indonesian Student Leadership Conference
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September 26th, 2013 - September 30th, 2013

AAPG Trisakti University Student Chapter was invited to attend the annual event held by assembly of AAPG of Indonesia Region. The event was 8th ANNUAL SEAPEX ISLC (8th Annual South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society Indonesian Student Leadership Conference). The event was held in Medan and Toba Lake, North Sumatera, Indonesia. The participants were the executive committee members of every single AAPG Student Chapter around Indonesia. The representatives of AAPG Trisakti University Student Chapter was Fakhmi Rajab (President), Herman Iglassias Mahodim (Vice President), and Audito Ulwanisyaf (1st Secretary). The date of the event was from September 26th, 2013 – September 30th, 2013. It took 5 days in total of the schedule. Every participant group came from several places in Indonesia which majoring geological and geophysics engineering. Every group was flown from their place headed to Medan, North Sumatera.

The host committee of the event was AAPG Medan Institute of Technology Student Chapter. Mr. Geovani C. Kaeng (Oversight Committee Chairman of AAPG Asia Pacific Region) and Mr. Dwandari Ralanarko (Oversight Committee Vice Chairman of AAPG Asia Pacific Region) became the conductors and mentors for the participants in preparing participants preparation, either in regulation, the overlook of the event and motivating speech. Special thanks also given to Ms. Adrienne Pereira (Programmes Manager AAPG Asia Pacific Region) in promoting and giving heart to every AAPG event.

The speakers of this event were from internal AAPG organization itself and experts from company, such as Mr. Lee Krystinik (AAPG President) and his companions such as Mr. David Curtis (AAPG Executive Director), Prof. John Kaldi (Vice President of AAPG Region), Mr. Peter Baillie (President of AAPG Asia Pacific Region, SEAPEX President), Mr. Agu Kantsler (Vice President of AAPG Asia Pacific Region), Mr. Ahmad Yuniarto (Chairman of Schlumberger Group Indonesia) and Mr. Dharmawan Samsu (Steering Committee of Indonesian AAPG Student Chapter, Head Country of BP Indonesia).

On the first day, all the participants checked in Danau Toba International Hotel, Medan. After the check-in, all the participants were gathered in the hall to do the ice-breaking session. Afterwards, there were series of an opening sessions which one of them was an overview of petroleum industries around the world with each of particular case in every country described. The bottom line of this session was to give an outlook of the prospect to joining petroleum industry and cases that are being faced as well as the points of resolving.

On the second day, the leadership conference carried on with several worth while materials given to the participants, such as CV making, the outlook of the petroleum companies and its requirements, new inventions of technology in enhancing the discovery of petroleum beneath the earth and motivational sharing from the professionals. Not forget to mention that there were some games inserted among the sessions to create closeness and togetherness among the participants and the speakers.

On the following days, the third and fourth days, the contingent departed to Toba Lake to do fieldtrip about geological setting of Toba Lake. The fieldtrip was conducted by Mr. Andang Bachtiar (Sedimentologist and Stratigrapher ETTI and GDA Consultant). The fieldtrip was focused on the stratigraphy and structure that developed surroundings and its implication to petroleum stuff. On the last day, the group got back to Medan and flew back to every destination.

Big thanks given to God and the AAPG organization with every speakers involved within as well as the host committee who have been so good to serve all the participants, either providing services and mediating the knowledge to everyone there.

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