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GRAVITY (Geologists Save The Earth With Charity)
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May 26th, 2013

The committee of GRAVITY event off to Muara Angke at 09.00 WIB and did some preparation. At 13.30 WIB, the event started by the MC. After opening speech by Wildan Tri Koesmawardhani as the Head of Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Geologi Trisakti University, Fakhmi Rajab as The President of GTSC AAPG, Lingkan Sherylin Siburian as Chairman of the Gravity event, and Chairman of Muara Angke area, the event continued to the material session by Mr. Hilarion Widyatmoko. His talk was about “Familiarize with Clean Water and Sanitation”. In the beginning, he explained the environmental condition in Muara Angke, such as drainage is stop flowing, unclean or dirty toilet, less trees around the neighborhood and garbage everywhere, and etc. And after that he explained the water cycle from the river to city water pipes around neighborhood (in this talk he chose Kali Ciliwung as an example). Furthermore, he explained that the factor to make a healthy environment is not only the clean environment, but also the drainage must not be clogged, because clogged drainage can be a breeding site for mosquitoes, especially Aedes aegypti which caused dengue. He was also explained the solution for these environmental problem such as how to make an ideal lavatory, and planting more trees to increase the absorption of ground water. The event continued with question and answer session and ended with closing speech by The event’s chairman and exchanged momentos followed by photo session.

May 31th, 2013

The event started at 09.00 WIB with opening speech by Mr. Budi Wijaya as faculty representative, The Head of City Sanitation Department, The event’s chairman, The President of GTSC AAPG and The Head of HMTG Usakti, and followed by briefing session. The participants were students from Geology Department in University of Trisakti, City Sanitation Department of West Jakarta member and PUSDIKKUM ground forces member, the participants were divided into 11 groups and started the river cleaning program. Not only cleaning the area, the participants also installed trash can around that area. The event ended at 10.45 with closing speech from The event’s chairman dan The Head of City Sanitation Departmen of West Jakarta  followed by photo session and lunch together.

June 1th, 2013

The event was devided into 2 session. The event started at 14.00 pm by introducing the event’s member to the participants and continued with the first session, that is a short presentation about the living environment and continued with competition session using recycled material. After lunch time, the next session began, which is the winner announcement session and today’s program ended  with closing speech by the event committee at 17.30 am.

June 7th, 2013

The main event of GRAVITY started at 09.30 WIB. The event started with opening speech by Lingkan Sherylin Siburian as Chairman of the Gravity event, Fakhmi Rajab as the President of GTSC AAPG, Wildan Tri Koesmawardani as the Head of Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Geologi Trisakti University, and Mr. M. Burhannudinur as The Faculty Advisor of GTSC AAPG, after opening speech this event continued with the first session by Mr Tumpak Winmark Hutabarat, an environment activist from WALHI (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup) organization. His talk was about “Why is Necessary to Observe The Environment”. In his talk, he showed many example of damaged area left by mining companies and some ways to reduce it. The first material session ended at 11.30 WIB by exchanged momentos, after Friday praying and lunch time, the event continued with the second session. The second session begin with stand up comedy and after that the workshop session began with Mr. Nur Salam, from Si Dalang (Kreasi Daur Ulang) organization as speaker. In the beginning he showed the participants about how to make a recycled paper by using paper waste. Next, he started the workshop session, which is the demo session. Participants were given recycled papers, glues, and scissors by the committee to make photo frames by using recycled paper.

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