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REGENERATION (Regenerating The Next Generation)
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December, 14th - 15th 2013

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Trisakti University Student Chapter (AAPG Trisakti SC) held an end year event titled “REGENERATION (Regenerating The Next Generation)” was on December 14th, 2013 – December 15th, 2013 at Zuri Resort & Convention, Cipanas, West Java. Aims of this event were to search and create the potentials of new members to enhance the generation performance of the next Executive Committee of AAPG Trisakti University Student Chapter, regenerate between the old and the new members of AAPG Trisakti University Student Chapter, encourage the growth of AAPG Trisakti University Student Chapter, and etc. This event which was also held as President and Executive Committee election for the next generation had divided into two sections in two days. The first day was consisted of the election for executive committee by doing a couple of tests such as personality test, grammatical english test, and geology knowledge test and also interview session for each member. Interactive seminar was also given to participants to enhance their leadership skills and as guidance to be succeeded in running an organization. Seminar was given by Mr. M. Burhannudinur (Faculty Advisor of AAPG Trisakti SC) discussing “Leadership” and explaining benefits of being a member of AAPG Trisakti SC, and Mr. Kris Hendarjo (Indonesian Professional Development Center) discussing with the same title. The participants seemed very excited and acted with such high enthusiasm during discussion. The second day was filled with fun game session and President Election event. Candidates were Joshua Setiadi Kushartanto, Moch. Yuswianto Rachmawan, Natasya Maria Magdalena Lasut, and Randa Kurniawan. Started with short campaigns from each candidates and few explanation about their program planning, the event continued with voting session. And finally, congratulations to Natasya Maria Magdalena Lasut, who elected as the new President of AAPG Trisakti SC with 26 votes from 74 voters, and the other candidates Joshua Setiadi Kushartanto with 19 votes, Randa Kurniawan with 13 votes, Moch. Yuswianto Rachmawan with 12 votes, with 4 invalid votes and 4 person of 78 participants was not attended.

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