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Big Company, Small Company, or Own Company. Which One Is for Me?
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October 17th, 2013

After graduating a high school level of education, it is the time where the new graduates start considering the next level of their own selves. Focusing on the fresh graduates of the ones who once studied in petroleum geoscience. The students must have been aspiring to work in oil and gas companies. AAPG Student Chapter of Trisakti University held an event of one day seminar where was telling the students about company preferences to be working in.

The event was opened by Mrs. Dewi Syavitri as the representative of Department of Geological Engineering Trisakti University. The one day seminar was conducted by Mr. Herman Darman from Shell International EP, Netherlands. The idea was concerned on describing each characteristics and requirements that every company set on their recruitment systems.

At the first of the explanation, Mr. Herman Darman conveyed to the participants about his personal experience when he was still a student who aspiring to be working in oil and gas industry.  Mr. Herman Darman firstly worked on field geologist. With this experience he learned something worthwhile to apply the concepts of exploration and what we should improve from what we already know to something usefully applicative job field projects. It emphasizes us as the near future people who are going to work in petroleum geoscience field to comprehend the concepts and learn heartily.

The next topic that Mr. Herman Darman delivered was the main idea of the seminar itself, the company references. Mr. Herman showed the participants every single detail of the reference. Above all, he clarified, whatever company we may be, the choice is all up to us, we have to look at the capability of ourselves and the criteria and specification of the company that we will join with.  We should suit the aspects and requirements the company point that we are able to adjust ourselves.

Not only did Mr. Herman Darman just explained about the inner and outer side of many companies, at the next session he continued with the criteria of making a good curriculum vitae for the students to apply on the new company. He explained the good points of delivering the contents that point out the good side of students experience and numbers of achievements the students attain concerning petroleum geoscience during in university that could promote and add the value of the students as a applicant in initial selection system.

As the event came to an end there was a question and answer session where it was pretty communicative and the participants could point out the questions to get deeper level of understanding. It then continued with quiz session and photo session. At the last, Mr. Herman Darman himself offered a helpful assistance for the students who are willing to submit curriculum vitae to company to be first corrected by Mr. Herman Darman to give any input for the curriculum vitae for the company the students intend to embark on.

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