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Larger Foraminifera Biostatigraphy and Biofacies in Cenozoic Carbonates of South East-Asia
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Guest Lecture: Han Van Gorsel



On a Wednesday afternoon of May 20th 2015, M. Anugerah Lukytha (President of AAPG GTSC) was called into the office of Dr. Ir. Dewi Syafitri (Head of Geological Department, Trisakti) to be informed of the arrival of a well-known micropaleontologist all the way from Houston, Texas. His name is Mr. Han Van Gorsel, an intelligent man who has around thirty-five years of experience in the oil and gas industry. 

After the final day of the 39th IPA Convention and Exhibition, Mr. Han Van Gorsel was scheduled to visit Trisakti University as a guest-lecturer, to give us an insight on “Larger Foraminifera Biostratigraphy and Biofacies in Cenozoic Carbonates of South-East Asia”.

Pre-event Planning:

Since the notice was given only 2 days before the event itself, the brief meeting was attended by the seminar and course division of the AAPG GTSC. With no time to spare, the president and the PO himself assigned several jobs as listed below:

1. Project Officer (PO): Carlyn Freinsya.

2. Secretary: A.A.S.M. Yudhyasmara Prabandari.

3. Event Organizer (EO): Christian Hendri & Fitriansyah Putri.

4. Public Relations: Khania Widyananta.

5. Treasurer: Winna Sabdhana.

6. Reporter: Rifky Nuraza Putra.

7. MC: Ludwina Jesslyn & Rifky Nuraza Putra.

8. Logistic: Kevin Silaen.

9. Caterer: Ni Made Dwi Kartika.

10. Security: Rahadian M.A. & Muhammad Irwin.

11. Documenter: Faruq Daniswara.

12. Publications: Harzard Fahdio.


The lecture was to be held on May the 22nd 2015 at the 7th floor in the A Campus of Trisakti University. At 13.30 sharp, Mr. Han Van Gorsel and his wife arrived on campus, along with other honorable guests: Dr. Ir. Dewi Syafitri, Ir. M. Ali Jambak Dr. Ir. Eko Widianto, Prof. Dr. H. Harsono Pringgoprawiro and Dr. Ir. Awang H. Satyana. They were all greeted with a crowd of 90 participants, who were already waiting excitedly in the auditorium. As there were delays caused by the traffic on the way from JCC to Trisakti, the Indonesian National Anthem played at 13.38, right after the guests have entered the room. Afterwards, time only allowed for one welcoming speech, where the opportunity was given to Dr. Ir. Dewi Syafitri to state her gratefulness of Mr. Van Gorsel’s visit to educate the students on Larger Foraminiferas and wishes that this won’t be his last visit to the campus.

As soon as the welcoming speech ended, no time was wasted and the microphone was passed straight to Mr. Han Van Gorsel at 13.45. His presentation consisted of many informative topics, but he started by stating how Modern Larger Foraminiferas is the key to age determination and facies analysis. There was an extravagant array of pictures of many different foraminifera species as well, along with their important Evolutionary Series. Then towards the end, the topic got a bit heavier with a short talk about the complex Biofacies, as well as some Geochemistry Isotopes. This topic raises many questions, but time only allowed for only a couple of questions. 

Question and Answer Session:

The two questions that were inquired by Rahajeng Nurrahmani and Muhammad Panji Utomo were quite similar:

Question: What are your tips on differentiating the many different species of larger foraminiferas, when doing an observation under the microscope?

Answer: Nothing more, other than the old saying of “Practice makes perfect.” Although some species may look incredibly similar to each other, you should be able to tell them apart when you have had enough time on the microscope. They all have very insignificant, yet special characteristics that would enable you to identify which specie is which.

Photo Session:

After the lecture ended at exactly 14.50, Dr. Ir. Dewi Syafitri was called back to the front of the auditorium to present a placard to Mr. Han Van Gorsel, followed by two photo sessions. The first one was Mr. Han Van Gorsel and his wife, along with all of the faculty members. Last but not least, the second photo session was of everyone in the auditorium, as well as the organizing committee of this lecture.



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