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Company Visit to PHE ONWJ’s Onshore Receiving Facility
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November 19th, 2013
On November 19th, 2013 Geology Trisakti Student Chapter of American Association of Petroleum Geologists (GTSC of AAPG) held a company visit to PT Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ) Onshore Receiving Facility (ORF) in Muara Karang, North Jakarta.
After making some preparations, all participants and committee set off to Muara Karang from Trisakti University and arrived at the site around 09.35 am. Visitor pass cards and visitor orientation check lists were given distributed to each participants before the first session began. The first session started with a presentation about safety introduction on the field and an overview about PHE ONWJ’s ORF Muara Karang by Mr. Didi Sukma Wijaya as the supervisor of PHE ONWJ’s ORF Muara Karang.
Starting in 1970, ORF Muara Karang used to be ARII which later was acquired by BP West Java. Then in 2009 ARII was acquired by Pertamina Hulu Energi and became PHE ONWJ’s ORF Muara Karang today. The working area of ORF is located in the northern part of the island off the coast of Java, specifically conceived of the northern part of West Java province. In the area of 8300 km2 PT PHE ONWJ has 52 fields, 670 wells, 170 platforms, 40 processing facilities, and 1600 km gas pipelines.
The second session began at 11.00 am. Each participants were given safety suits, safety shoes, gloves, and safety glasses then divided into 3 groups. Participants, assisted by Mr. Didi Sukma Wijaya went to look at the control room and gas pipelines onshore as the receiver from the platform or remote through all the stations on offshore. He also explained on how to manage the gas pressure, separate the natural gas from fluids, discarded the residual gas through the emergency tower, until distribute the gas to PHE ONJW’s clients such as PLN (National Power Company) in Muara Karang, Tanjung Priok, and Pupuk Kujang, as the base ingredients for fertilizer. Furthermore, he explained on how to handle the emergency situation on the onshore such as if fire caught on onshore pipelines.

The session ended at 13.15 with photo session and lunch time. At 14.30 all participants and committee headed back to Trisakti University.

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