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3rd ANNUAL GSLDT (3rd Annual Geosciences Student Leadership Development Training)
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Leadership is a winning combination of personal traits and the ability to conjure an act of a leader, a person who directs the activities of others for the good of their followers. Leaders are people who could motivate others and push everyone else for that extra 10% even though they know the things they are trying to seek is almost an impossibility. Everyone argues and has the point of view that leaders can be made, they can be mold, well this is exactly true. Everyone has had self leadership planted in them by god as soon as we breath our first breath on this planet earth. It’s the way people get impacted by their situation to better develop their inner leadership skills which is what separates a great leader from the rest. A leadership is a trait which one could acquire, one does not know what they are talking about if they say leadership cannot be learnt. Leadership is developed through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. With a rapid change in the global economy especially in the field of geosciences, empowering individuals to envision and realize their own goals as well as to developed competences for well-functioning society are seen as important outcomes for educations. Employers are not only looking for brilliantly smart people for their next employee, but they are always looking for people who have the tag leaders. The main important question we must ask ourselves. Are students properly prepared for the real world industry? Are university education that closely related to graduate employability? All of these issues and many more related to the needs of leadership for students will be comprehensively discussed and answered in this annual leadership event. The competence of a person as leaders will greatly enhance a student’s ability when going into the petroleum industry. If they have an enormous capabilities of strong character in them, they will be able to face all the challenges and difficulties in managing their work. The creation of a leader is not an instant process of a one night sleep. If one asks when is the right time to plant the seeds of leadership among students, it’s not even a question, it’s a compulsory matter. Therefore American Association of Petroleum Geologists Trisakti University, University of Indonesia, Padjadjaran University, and Pakuan University Student Chapter plan to hold an event named GSLDT (Geosciences Student Leadership Development Training). Following the successful organized premier and secondary GSLDT event in 2010 and 2012, we present 3rd ANNUAL GSLDT with the theme “The Emphasis of Empowering Geology and Geophysical Abilities to Bring out Qualified Indonesian Geoscientist”, which will be held on :

    Day            : Friday - Sunday.
    Date           : November 29th, 2013 - December 1st, 2013.
    Venue         : The Jayakarta Mountain Resort, Cisarua, West Java.
    Instructor    : Mr. Dharmawan Samsu (Head Country of British Petroleum Indonesia)
                        Mr. Agus Guntoro (Director of PUKES MIGAS Trisakti University)
                        Mr. M. Burhannudinnur (Faculty Advisor of AAPG Trisakti SC)
                        Mr. Kris Hendardjo (Indonesian Professional Development Center)
                        Mr. Dwandari Ralanarko (Oversight Committee AAPG Asia Pacific Region)

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