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Big Company, Small Company, or Own Company. Which One Is for Me?
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Petroleum geoscience nowadays has become one of the most preferred discipline with many students are interested to join and start their professional career within. The understanding of what is going to take is necessery for the students where the students would get their passion and determination to get to know more about the world of professional job career that they are going to embark on.

With the numbers of the companies that are spread widely, either local companies or even multinational companies, majority of the students think that it would be really helpful to get any kinds of information that could help them to go deeper in the industry. To be in such an industry where the world now is depending on is something that the students have to prepare themselves to join and it is really important to recieve such insights to face the career world.

It is really delighted for the students to get formal informations directly from the persons who have experinced working in petroleum geoscience industry. Sharing the experience and point of view from the speaker where the students do not recieve in campus is the best way to persuade and motivate the students to have preparation of future path they are going to take and to be more heartily working in petroleum geoscience world.

“Big company, small company, or own company. Which one is for me?” will be held in a two hours. It takes a couple of hours for the audience to understand about the inner side of petroleum geoscience work industry where will be a place for the students with related disciplines to join after graduating, the knowledge and insight from the persons who have been contributing their career in the industry would be so advantageous for the students and triggering students passion to be more serious pursuing their dreams in this industry and also to make a decision the types of company they will embark on. Contents of the seminar are: explanation from the speaker, questions & discussion session that is the interaction from the audience and the speaker, and also quiz session for participants.

    Day        : Thursday.
    Date       : October 17th, 2013.
    Time      : 14.00 WIB – 16.00 WIB.
    Venue    : 202 Room, 2nd Floor, Building D, Campus A, Trisakti  University.
    Speaker : Mr. Herman Darman (Shell International EP, Netherlands).

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